Research Center in Information System Engineering

PReCISE is a research center of the University of Namur devoted to the engineering and management of advanced information systems.

The UNamur Faculty of Computer Science and the Department of Business Administration, merging and coordinating the activities of several research groups, jointly created the center in 2005.

Developing information systems and integrating them into global business services are extremely difficult endeavors. Current challenges include unprecedented levels of complexity, increasingly large numbers of stakeholders, and the necessity to master a growing range of skills, techniques, tools and methods. Mastering such a process requires a high-level expertise and a fine weave of interactions between complementary disciplines, most importantly Software Engineering and Information Management.

PReCISE promotes scientific research in and across these two disciplines, and ambitions to narrow the gap between them.



The core purpose of PReCISE is the development and dissemination of high quality scientific knowledge in the area of information system engineering and management.  Read more...