The Nadi Center for Research on Consumption and Leisure



Established in 2005 within the Faculty of Economics, Social sciences and Business administration of the University of Namur, the Centre for Research on Consumption and Leisure (CeRCLe) is composed of faculty members, researchers, doctoral students and practitioners. Currently, it includes four faculty members and a number of researchers and PhD students. Visiting professors, associated researchers and practitioners actively participate in the center's activities as well.

Research Description

Missions -- Research and collaborative platform

The CeRCLe's main objective is to actively promote theoretical as well as empirical, fundamental as well as applied research in the field of marketing and services. Research articulates around the following activities: scientific research, participation to symposia and conferences, publications of international level, training and supervision of doctoral students, hosting of researchers and of guest professors, involvement into national and international research networks and organization of seminars, workshops and conferences. The CeRCLe also wishes to be a platform of information and collaboration between academic researchers and practitioners of the private and public sectors, interested in issues bound to consumers and services.

Research domains and application fields

The CeRCLe focuses on consumers and services in a digital society. Research programs articulate around four major axes:

  • Digital behavior and smart services (e.g., e-learning, e-WOM and e-reputation, AI in healthcare);
  • Customer experience and value (co-) creation (e.g., loyalty, gamification, engagement);
  • Postmodern consumption (e.g., consumption heterotopias, special possessions, societal challenges);
  • Collaborative economy (e.g., transformative power, evaluation of P-P services, trust).

Preferred application fields concern consumer services, with a focus on tourism, leisure, retailing (both online and offline), and healthcare.



Contact: Alain Decrop